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that has footprint across the globe and operates across diversified sectors comprises Distribution (primarily for FMCG products), Manufacturing of CPGs (food and non-food), Logistics and 3 PL operation.

Established in 1984 with a vision to address market gaps, Al Kholoud revolutionized the distribution industry. In the 80s, manufacturing companies handled their own distribution, but Al Kholod offered an innovative solution. We seamlessly managed the entire distribution operation, from collecting finished products to placing them on store shelves. Today, Al Kholod stands as a leading player in the Egyptian distribution industry.

El-Kholoud Group

Established in 2020, Eternity Global is K Group’s business development and distribution arm in the United States focusing mainly on developing new opportunities & sourcing franchise business from across the globe. Eternity Global was established with a strategy to develop and distribute K-group subsidiaries brands in the US market, bridging gaps and opening up new opportunities worldwide. Eternity Global has franchising rights for Bugles (General Mills) and is the sole distributor for Arcor in Africa.

Eternity Global USA

Established in 2020 as a joint stock company in Nairobi, Kenya, KGA is the group’s distribution arm in Africa. After achieving notable success in a short period, KG Africa managed to sign distribution contracts with multinationals such as Pepsico, Almarai, Arcor, and General Mills, not only in Kenya but also in 13 different markets in West and East Africa.  KG Africa is implementing a hybrid and agile distribution strategy to adapt to market dynamics while delivering the required scale for the group companies and our external partners at the lowest possible cost. KGA recently expanded its services to include licensed manufacturing services in order to create the most efficient value chain for our partners to develop their business in Africa. 

KG Africa

Founded in 2019 as the logistics subsidiary of K Group, Sunway is an asset-based logistics and transportation solutions provides dedicated to providing quality service and complete dependability to costumers. 

We deploy our professional team along with our top-of-the-line fleet that is fully licensed and insured, all backed up by an on-site maintenance facility and customer service team. We also offer 3rd party warehousing services, allowing business to focus on their core competencies while driving cost savings, gaining access to cutting-edge logistics technologies, and improving scalability, flexibility, and customer satisfaction. 

Founded in Egypt, Tiba Egypt is designed to provide the most efficient distribution services, using the most advances technologies and tools, in order to help its partners, understand and grow their businesses. 

Tiba Egypt employs over 500 people across the country to serve its various business verticals, including FMCG distribution of food and non-food products to over 100,000 retail stores. 

In a short period of time, Tiba Egypt succeeded to attract international & local partners in various sectors in a short period of time, becoming the destination for all international brands looking to enter and develop their business in Egypt.

Leading distributor of international feature phone brands with manufacturing license in Egypt.

KG Tech

Founded in 2019, Capi Foods International is a global snacking company with a mission to become an industry leader in the manufacturing of high-quality, healthy products by collaborating with global food companies and industry leaders, establishing successful partnerships lead by innovation.

Capi Foods Intl. expanded its operations beyond the UK as its primary base, operating in the US, the Middle East and Asia, establishing a manufacturing facility and its second headquarters in Egypt to better serve the MEA region after achieving notable success in a short period of time. 

A K Group acquisition, AFI came with a state-of-the-art confectionary production facility spread across 20,000 square meters. AFI invested in adapting advanced technologies to ensure the highest level of efficiency, quality, hygiene and safety, producing 41.9 tons from 6 production lines that produce candy, biscuits, and wafers.

AFI is establishing one of the region’s largest R&D houses to invest in product development and innovation in order to disrupt the confectionary and snacking market and create a new consumer experience. 

AFI provides full co-manufacturing services to its partners, including the ability to customize sizes, recipes, and shapes based on customer preferences.


Founded in 2021, in the United Arab Emirates, Raneen Foods specializes in developing grocery categories with a vision to create the most sophisticated and diverse business model in the food industry, to provide consumers with a wide variety of products to live happy, healthy and inspired. Raneen foods expanded its operations beyond the UAE as its primary base, establishing a distribution base in Jordan to better serve Levant markets, in addition to Turkey as a trading hub serving the entire region.

Raneen Foods operates with an agile and lean business model, to create its own brands and support them with strong commercial flows through import and export operations, as well as developing international projects with our partners, that includes distribution services across the MENA region, toll manufacturing services and retail services. 

Raneen Foods