Tiba Egypt Teams Up with AMS BAESHEN & CO. to Distribute Rabea Tea in Egypt

Exciting New Partnership

  • We are thrilled to announce a significant new partnership that promises to invigorate the tea market in Egypt. Tiba Egypt has joined forces with AMS BAESHEN & CO. to bring the renowned Rabea Tea back to Egyptian consumers. This collaboration marks a major milestone for both organizations, aiming to build one of the most successful tea brands in the region.

    A Strategic Alliance for Growth

    This new partnership with AMS BAESHEN & CO. aligns perfectly with our strategic objective to form strong alliances in the tea industry. Rabea Tea, known for its exceptional quality and rich flavor, has a legacy that resonates well with tea enthusiasts. By reintroducing this beloved brand, we are confident that we can capture the hearts of both long-time fans and new consumers.

    Why Rabea Tea?

    Rabea Tea is more than just a beverage; it’s a tradition. With a heritage that spans decades, Rabea Tea has consistently delivered a premium tea experience, celebrated for its superior taste and aroma. Our collaboration with AMS BAESHEN & CO. ensures that we can bring this exceptional product back to the Egyptian market, where it has been missed.

    The Signing Ceremony

    The partnership was officially solidified during a signing ceremony attended by Ahmed Abdelkader Baeshen & Co Chairman and the management team of Baeshen & Co., President Mahmoud Yassien, and the management team of Tiba Egypt. This momentous event underscored the commitment of both organizations to achieving mutual success and highlighted the strong leadership guiding this collaboration. The ceremony was a testament to the shared vision and dedication to excellence that both AMS BAESHEN & CO. and Tiba Egypt bring to this partnership.

    Looking Ahead

    We are excited about the mutual success this partnership promises. Together with AMS BAESHEN & CO., we are dedicated to elevating the presence of Rabea Tea in Egypt. Our teams are already hard at work to ensure a seamless reintroduction of Rabea Tea, aiming to make it a household name once again.

    Join Us in Celebrating This Partnership

    We invite you to join us in celebrating this exciting new chapter. Follow our journey as we bring Rabea Tea back to Egypt and build on its legacy of quality and excellence. Stay tuned for more updates and be part of our mission to make Rabea Tea a beloved brand across the country.

    We extend our best wishes to the entire team and look forward to a prosperous future together.

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